Ensuring your cat has a stress-free boarding experience

Leaving any animal at a boarding facility can be a stressful experience for you as well as the animal. Because cats are independent animals, the assumption can be made that they adjust easily to new surroundings. This is not necessarily so and making sure that your cat is as stress-free as possible when it boards at a cattery is important.

What you should do to prepare to board your cat

Make sure that you tour the boarding facility before you commit to taking your cat there. You must be completely confident that the way the facility is arranged and what it offers will suit your cat and ensure a stress-free stay.

Cats need time to adjust to new things, so it is a good idea to take your cat to visit the cattery you intend to use. They will be introduced to the space and have a sense of it before they are left there for a long period.

Make sure that your cat is up to date with all its vaccinations. You may feel more confident if you take your cat for a check-up with the vet before it goes for boarding. This will reassure you that it is healthy and should be in the best physical state to handle the change.

Communicate clearly with the staff at the cattery about your cat's habits, needs and any special treatment it is used to getting.

What you should do when you drop your cat at the cattery

Take something familiar with you when you deliver your cat to the boarding facility. This may be its bed or favourite toy. You may also take one of your own T-shirts that will smell familiar to the cat and reassure it.

Confirm with the staff at the cattery about your cat's habits and any special needs it may have. Make sure that you know they are aware of everything they need to know in order to look after your cat almost as well as you do.

Spend only enough time to make sure that your cat is comfortably installed in its temporary home, without fussing and stressing it unduly.

What you should expect from the staff at the cattery

Cats are independent creatures and cannot be forced to behave in a certain way. They need to be allowed time to do things at their own pace. It is important that you are confident that the staff at the cattery will allow your cat this time, and not force it to have contact with them in an attempt to help it 'get used to' the place and the people.

The staff must monitor your cat regularly to make sure that it eats and remains healthy. Cats can stop eating when they are stressed, which can be potentially life-threatening.

The staff at a cattery should be trained in how to handle a cat properly. They should also be familiar with reading a cat's body language and behaviour so they can tell if a cat is stressed and will be able to help it.

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