Why Won't Your Cat Use Its Litter Tray After Boarding?

While you may have been looking forward to getting your cat home after a stay in a boarding cattery (like Penfield Kennels & Cattery), your cat's behaviour may make this less of a happy homecoming. Cats are often creatures of habit and may show changes in behaviour when they return home from a strange environment even though they didn't appear to have any issues when they boarded. In some cases, some cats may refuse to use their litter trays or boxes after a boarding stay as they did before they left home.

How to Make Sure Your Cat Eats Enough During Boarding?

If your beloved pet looks a little thinner than usual after a cattery stay, you may worry that the boarding facility didn't feed it enough. It's actually quite common for pets to lose weight when you board them, even though they are given enough food. If you're worried that your cat will lose weight again next time it goes into a cattery, you can take steps to try to encourage it to eat even though you can't be there at mealtimes.

Ensuring your cat has a stress-free boarding experience

Leaving any animal at a boarding facility can be a stressful experience for you as well as the animal. Because cats are independent animals, the assumption can be made that they adjust easily to new surroundings. This is not necessarily so and making sure that your cat is as stress-free as possible when it boards at a cattery is important. What you should do to prepare to board your cat